2023 Annual Report

Senior General Manager Rey Regala and Assistant General Manager Allyson Ulrich

I am very proud to give back to something that helped me so much. Being at DISH gives me a chance to use my skills and my heart for others to flourish and grow.

– Allyson Ulrich Assistant General Manager

Dear Friends,

With spring underway, nature that weathered the elements is showing new growth and blossoming. Last year DISH welcomed 177 residents into a home to rest and recover from the harsh environment outside. Over 800 individuals and families across our 9 supportive housing sites have found a place to uncover what they need to flourish and grow. In 2023 we also tended to areas in need of attention post-pandemic.

We are proud to report:

  • 17 long term staff enjoyed a well-deserved sabbatical while creating opportunities for leadership development agency-wide
  • Vacancies reduced by 50% and $800k invested in sprucing up our legacy portfolio
  • 250+ residents received life-saving education from 2 new peer-led overdose prevention teams
  • 18 member Community Advisory Board deepened their leadership and impact with new members, increased community outreach and policy advocacy
  • 30+ new housing organizations statewide participated in DISH trainings, and we advocated locally for resources and policies that bring people home for good

Despite our strong foundation, there are threats to our sustainability and the supportive housing ecosystem. Costs continue to rise as the City’s budget declines, resident health challenges increase and the fentanyl crisis grows. We know first hand how supportive housing can change lives, but the model requires additional resources to truly provide a place to thrive. This year we are asking you to dig even deeper into your capacity to welcome people home.

We are partnering with residents to create an environment where they can go beyond survival mode and truly thrive. Organizationally we are defining what we need to flourish as we move towards independence from Tides, our fiscal sponsor. This time of major growth brings new challenges but also an incredible opportunity to build our capacity to fully support the community we serve. Your support is more important than ever to ensure that DISH continues to build on our deep roots providing a warm, loving space to come home.

Happy Spring – wishing you all a beautiful place to bloom.

Lauren Hall signature

Lauren Hall
Co-Founder & Executive Director

2023 Highlights

Expanding Our Reach

California’s investment in supportive housing is building new homes and opportunities for many across the state. The expansion has highlighted the strains on the capacity of the supportive housing provider community, particularly for mission-driven property management. Through our consulting services, we get to talk about what we love to do with new providers helping them remove barriers, support housing retention, and invest in resident and staff wellness.

Ericka Cipres, Senior General Manager

“Nothing About Us Without Us”

Elevating the voices of PSH residents is a major priority for us as they are the experts on what is needed to recover from homelessness. The Community Advisory Board (CAB) spoke up for the DISH Community and supportive housing residents at large at City Hall. The team advocated for more resources, including capital investments, food security, and city-wide harm reduction efforts. This civic engagement is expanding with a new project at DISH, the ‘Supportive Housing Advocate Resident Project’ (SHARP) – training and empowering PSH residents to engage in policymaking year-round.

Community Advisory Board Members

Living and Learning

Making community classes accessible to residents in their home can ignite creativity and increase a sense of self-worth. For residents who struggle engaging in public spaces, offering programs within housing provides an opportunity to engage in personal growth in a safe space, and the ability to build confidence to re-engage. During 2023, DISH hosted a wide variety of classes by partnering with local organizations including cooking, digital literacy, gentle movement, guitar, poetry, and more!

Berta and Miguel, Resident Musicians, taking guitar lessons with the Healing Well

Out On The Town

2023 was a blast! We went to see theater shows, sporting games, and art museums and were all smiles along the way. In May, our Overdose Prevention Peer Responder team presented at the CSH national conference in Philadelphia! We recognize our residents are healing from complex life challenges but that does not define them. We strive to create pathways for joy and enriching experiences as a part of creating new norms; re-envisioning accessibility and opportunities for our residents to engage in the world around them.

DISH Residents and team rooting for the Giants!

Innovation Spotlight

Breaking Barriers

Cumbersome referral processes have contributed to higher vacancies in supportive housing despite more people living on the streets. DISH pushed to work directly with street outreach teams to ensure that those most in need had an expedited entry process with an immediate offer of housing.

Kiki found a home at DISH after years of being unhoused in San Francisco. Kiki faced many challenges throughout her life, yet her energy has remained bright. She is adjusting to her new home, which she shares is possible with the support of the DISH community.

Every new move is an opportunity for a resident to unlock their full potential and build a brighter future. DISH was proud to launch the City’s “Street to Home” pilot prioritizing the most vulnerable unhoused individuals. City outreach teams identified 42 participants who were shown a vacant room with the option to sign a lease that day. This eliminated barriers for residents who have historically needed to complete eligibility steps before having a safe space. DISH continues to break barriers, putting people before paperwork, and ensuring that everyone has a place to call home, including Kiki.

They have people on staff, so a person can ease through their transition. They have been helping me feel like ‘Okay, this is your home now, Kiki’. It’s really a supportive community, it’s helped me a lot. I have felt that from the very beginning that they are like family members, instead of just working here, they are very welcoming.


New Residents
Welcomed Home in 2023

Kiki, Pictured in front of her new home

We Are Home

This year, our Community Development crew responded to resident requests for more creative outlets with the ‘We Are Home’ Tenderloin Community Quilt Project. Funded by California Humanities, the Tenderloin Community Quilt was an interactive arts project to amplify the voices of DISH residents along with the broader Tenderloin community as they reflected on the meaning of home.

During the creation process, we hosted workshops allowing a regular space for residents to engage in a personal creative practice, getting together as a group to both discuss the meaning of ‘home’ and work on a group art piece. By the end of this process, more than 70 DISH residents participated in creating individual contributions which ultimately transformed into 10 unique community quilt artworks.

When asked how it made her feel to be able to create, express, and be seen, Barbara, contributing artist, responded

It was good, it makes you feel like you’re at home and that you can inspire others to do something creative and take care of their mental health, which is important. It helps you break out of the routine.

Through projects like this, residents are able to experiment with creativity in new ways and openly explore and enjoy the practice of being an artist; seeing their artwork contributing to a greater project. It is our goal to offer the opportunity for residents to shine their light in an inclusive and welcoming environment. The ‘We Are Home’ Quilt project is a beautiful reminder of the unique talent and potential that exists within all of us.

Tenant Satisfaction
As Reported in Our Annual Community Survey

Barbara, Artist and Resident

Choosing Joy

The Wants & Needs program is a privately funded, individualized grant to support residents with a meaningful investment of their choice. In January 2023 we expanded our Community Development team to support resident “wants & needs” and successfully delivered a total of 296 unique $400 grants to residents across our portfolio! Residents selected things they felt would improve their lives, including smart TVs, new clothing, and art supplies.

The goal for this grant is to empower residents to define what they “want and need” to bring them joy. One resident used the grant to get new shoes to match his favorite shirt. We were thrilled to learn he wore that ensemble a few days later to propose to his girlfriend and she said YES! The program continues to expand to more buildings this year and will cover new residents as they settle into their new home.

I am so happy. I really thank God and the donor of this program because we are so blessed to have this. You know I feel like I could maybe make do with what I have but some of my friends here really needed it, and it’s been so great to see everyone so happy. We’re blessed to have this program and to have DISH that cares about us so much. It’s more than our needs, it’s our wants! And we don’t usually get that cared for – that’s so beautiful.

– Larry

DISH Employees
Providing Service 24-7

Larry, Resident & Community Advisory Board Member


Flourishing at DISH

DISH’s goal is to build a team with diverse lived experiences creating compassion and empathy with our residents. Our team has powerful stories of their own that bring joy, humor, and inclusion to the workplace. We are able to invest in each individual
and truly see our staff flourishing through upward mobility, longevity at DISH, and opportunities to take time for self-care.

Allyson, Assistant General Manager at The Camelot, shares how she transformed her life.

I want people to know I’m a success story. I first moved into supportive housing in 2000. When I moved in, I had lost all trust in humankind, but I learned how to love and trust and be a part of something again. It gave me a sense of love and respect, and I bettered my life. The staff saw potential in me, and I was hired as a desk clerk.

Being on the other side of the desk as a tenant made me want to give back to something that helped me. I love what I do. It gives me purpose. Tenants deserve to be surrounded by people with compassion. I know how it feels to be treated like nobody. We’re all special in our own way; we just need to see that quality and help that person see that in themselves.

DISH Employees
Providing Service 24-7

Allyson Ulrich, Assistant General Manager, DISHer since 2007, 2023 Sabbatical Awardee

Rey Regala, Senior General Manager, DISHer since 2007, 2023 Sabbatical Awardee

Rey, who started as a desk clerk and is now the Camelot’s Senior General Manager, shared

Allyson knows the residents and empathizes with them. I respect her insight with tenants, and she asks for my advice whenever she is in doubt. Our working relationship grew stronger through our honest feedback and trust with each other.

Allyson reflected on her years of service and shared a powerful memory.

When I had just been promoted to Assistant General Manager, I moved a tenant in, and I was able to really connect with him. He struggled with mental health, but he got a job and was stable for the first time. When he moved on to independent housing, he told me it was all because of me. It was overwhelming. It keeps me going forward that you make a difference in people’s lives.

DISH’s team embodies the spirit of supporting one another and building community.Rey and Allyson’s partnership, growth together at DISH, and ability to create a supportive environment encourage others to thrive and flourish in their own journeys.

Investing in People and Properties

As with any property, our buildings continually need maintenance. Our residents can only fully thrive when the spaces and places they live in are functional and safe. DISH’s goal is to provide a comfortable home that offers a standard of living every individual deserves. This is not possible without continued capital investments. To highlight a few recent projects driven by resident input, we created a new laundry room at the Windsor and renovated the community showers at the Camelot.

Along with investing in the buildings, we create opportunities for our staff to build their skills and flourish at DISH. Derek, Maintenance Supervisor, shares about this critical work and his growth as a DISHer:

I started at DISH as a janitor, when I was 22 years old, and my dad worked for DISH as a desk clerk. Over the 13 years I’ve been here, DISH allowed me to sharpen my skills to be on the unit turn team, then a Maintenance worker, and now the Maintenance Supervisor. I am proud to be able to learn and grow. Now I’m able to pass the torch by showing and giving my team the knowledge I have learned.

When I think about my work with DISH I ensure the team has the knowledge and tools they need to fix things effectively. Getting the day-to-day problems taken care of frees up time to focus on doingmore to address tenants’ needs.

I am excited to come to work knowing that what I do helps people get off the streets and have a place to call home.

Derek is just one of the many who strive each day to provide a better experience for our residents. Having seasoned and skilled staff deepens the impact of their work and fosters an environment where all residents and staff can grow and flourish together!

Derek Tucker, Maintenance Supervisor

Supporting DISH

Changemakers in Action

DISH would like to thank all of our 2023 volunteers, especially the Gateway students who spent 4 days serving the community and learning about root causes of homelessness. Their curiosity and commitment to social justice were impressive. We loved seeing future changemakers in action!

I learned more about the history and gentrification of the Tenderloin. I learned that the rising housing costs have led to higher rents and property values. This makes it difficult for lower-income people to afford housing, leading to displacement and houselessness. This is especially the case for many of the DISH residents. I also learned that there are a variety of reasons why one might become homeless that one can’t control.

I feel enlightened and educated after concluding the project. I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity to work on my personal growth and work with individuals that could give me
a different perspective on the Tenderloin.

– Ikrame Gateway High Volunteer

Gateway High School Volunteers

Here Are Ways You Can Support the DISH Community:

  • Join us as a recurring donor by donating at dishsf.org
  • Make a gift to support DISH’s efforts to become an independent 501(c)(3) in 2025
  • Join the DISH BASH, celebrating 18 years on September 26th
  • Bring a friend or two to pitch in on projects like garden plantings or holiday gift wrapping
  • Host a “friend-raiser” to highlight DISH’s work
  • Donate supplies for community programs and new items for residents
  • Follow @DISHinSF on social media and share with your networks

As we prepare to be an independent 501c3, your support is even more critical to ensure DISH can flourish and grow alongside our residents. In the next year, DISH seeks to raise upwards of $3 million to continue providing innovative and unique support to the communities we serve. This investment in our buildings, communities, and most importantly, residents, will require your dedication and support. As always, we need your help to push the boundaries of what supportive housing means in San Francisco!

DISH’s special sauce is that it combines respect and support for the humanity of people who have experienced homelessness with a relentless focus on excellence in the way DISH manages housing for and with them. Hundreds of individuals – many with complex health challenges – are living in secure, well-maintained housing due to the Herculean efforts of DISH’s outstanding team members. I feel fortunate to be able to support the team who does incredibly challenging work every day making good on our desire to both reduce the number of people who don’t have a home while providing jobs and income to many who have had similar experiences, while creating a culture and practices that embody integrity, humanity, and the persistence needed.

– Carla Javits DISH Supporter Since 2006

Dan Hernandez, BASH Sponsor, from PCS pledging support

DISH Finances

Pie chart showing 2023 total revenue

2023 Total Revenue


87% Public Support
8% Tenant Rent
5% Private Support

Pie chart showing 2023 total expenses

2023 Total Expenses


91% Operations
8% Administration
1% Fundraising

*Figures represent unaudited financials for January-December 2023. DISH is a project of Tides, and Tides will soon make available its 2022 audited financial statements.

The DISH Turn Team from left to right: Melvin, Michael, Alcides, and Craig. These DISH stars give it their all when they prep units for new move-ins and were responsible for renovating 112 units in 2023.