Special 4th Anniversary Update!

Greetings from Delivering Innovation in Supportive Housing!  DISH just celebrated our fourth anniversary on the first of October! In those four years we have provided over 460,000 opportunities for our tenants to close their door, turn down the sheets, hit the lights, and lay down to sleep in their own home after years on the streets. It is a big accomplishment, and we are proud of our staff and our tenants! Getting off the streets can be difficult given the challenges of not only finding a place to live that is affordable, but also meeting the responsibilities of following a lease when one is struggling with multiple personal challenges. We are especially grateful for each of the communities we serve in our six buildings and are proud of the positive changes we see every day. Our residents bring a lot of history when they come through our doors, and we are fortunate to be part of their future.

Much is said about the homeless problem in San Francisco, and we want to talk more about solutions! Supportive housing can be a critical ingredient for many to permanently get off the streets. We provide housing for up to 450 individuals who have histories of serious mental and physical health issues, chaotic substance use, and many years on the streets.  These can be tough obstacles to overcome both in terms of what our tenants face, as well as what is required of us at DISH to be successful. Since we began, we have provided housing to almost 600 individuals. The vast majority of our tenants are able to take the offer of housing and turn it into increased stability and well being and a way to permanently leave their life on the streets.

We strive each day to ensure that our buildings are clean and well maintained, our staff is welcoming and effective, and our organization is healthy and responsive to the needs of our tenants and staff. Each year we survey our tenants about our efforts, and last year we heard back from 84% of our tenants who overwhelmingly (93%) responded with overall satisfaction with our services.  We have also improved the living conditions in each of our buildings as evidenced by positive inspection results from DPH and HUD. While we are incredibly grateful for our successes and the support we receive from the Department of Public Health and our fiscal sponsor the Tides Center, we need you so we can do more! One goal this year is to expand our efforts to increase not only our resources, but also our connection to the greater community in San Francisco. We want to see our tenants stabilized in housing and also engaged in fulfilling activities outside of our buildings. Many of our tenants are disconnected from friends, families, or interests that have led to a greater sense of isolation and difficulty maintaining stability. At DISH, we want to provide excellent property management and also assist our tenants with feeling good about their lives and their communities.

This year we are excited to activate our Advisory Board and to reach out to individual, corporate, and nonprofit partners to improve our ability to end homelessness for each tenant who comes through our doors. We are reaching out to you right now to help us make the holidays brighter for our tenants. We also hope that we can count on your continued support to be part of our efforts to end homelessness one night at a time. If you are interested in supporting DISH please visit our website (dishsf.org) or contact us by mail at the address on the reverse.  On our website you will find a link to donate (https://dishsf.org/get-involved/) as well as information about how you can get involved with our communities. 

Thanks for your support for working to end homelessness in San Francisco!

With gratitude,

Lauren Hall and Doug Gary, Directors

Published on December 3, 2010