A Big Thanks for Helping Hands

This year and last year at the Le Nain, something extra special happened at the December holiday meal: a group of volunteers from Genentech came and helped to serve meals to Le Nain tenants. We got some feedback from the Genentech staff who came in, and this is what they had to say:

“The Staff at Le Nain were a vibrant caring group who went out of their way to see that the Residents had a pleasant meal for the Holidays. The cello player added a lovely touch to the decorations and atmosphere; all in all it was a very nice gesture on the part of the Staff, and I know the Residents were appreciative.” –Fran

“This was my second year volunteering at DISH. It is a wonderful experience, just the look on the face of the residents made it worthwhile. I hope that we can continue to serve here.” –James

So will it continue next year? We sure hope so. It’s been a great partnership these past two years. The Le Nain staff has gotten a chance to eat with their tenants, and Genentech has had a chance to give back to the community. So from the bottom of our DISH hearts, a big thank you, Genentech!

The Genentech Crew. Thanks for coming you all!

Published on February 16, 2012