Charles Schwab DISHes Out Help to the Formerly Homeless

Tuesday, 30 high-spirited employees from Charles Schwab converged at the Camelot Hotel in San Francisco. They were not coming to an expensive Financial District hotel for a business conference; these individuals were coming to paint and clean at a supportive-housing hotel in the Tenderloin as a project for Schwab Volunteer Week, the annual event during which Schwab employees team up and receive paid time off for community service projects.  This project was one of approximately 118 different service projects during the week May 21-May 25 benefiting select non-profit organizations across the United States.

The Camelot is a supportive-housing hotel at 124 Turk Street, master-leased by the City’s Department of Public Health as part of the Direct Access to Housing Program. The site is property-managed by Delivering Innovation in Supportive Housing (DISH). The Camelot houses 55 formerly homeless tenants who are able to remain housed thanks to the efforts of the customer service-driven property management team and on-site case management and support services that the supportive-housing program provides.

DISH property management staff helped the team from Charles Schwab with the tasks to spruce up the Camelot. DISH’s mission is to end homelessness, and Charles Schwab volunteers helped to support that goal. “Schwab’s contribution today supported DISH’s efforts to help build a community for all to be a part of and to show how neighbors can help neighbors,” said Tony Baldwin, General Manager of the Camelot Hotel.

The group of employees from Charles Schwab was led by Kimberly MacInnis, Director of Schwab’s automated phone system. “Schwabbies LOVE to help other people,” said Mike Bonne, one volunteer with the Schwab team. And HELP they did!—tenants of the Camelot expressed pride and joy that their home looked like it had “received a bright and shiny makeover” after the Schwab team had completed their work.

Published on May 24, 2012