How to Apply

The Direct Access to Housing (DAH) program is a permanent housing program for homeless, low-income, San Francisco residents. DAH is a program of the Department of Public Health. There is no waitlist for this program.  You must be referred by a social worker, case manager, or counselor. Here is a list you have to be aware of and agree with in order to apply for housing in the DAH program:

•  You must be a homeless, low income resident of San Francisco with medical, mental health and/or substance abuse issues.  In 2007, you are seen as low income if you earn $23,750 a year or less.
•  You must be willing to pay your rent through a Third Party Rent Payment provider.
•  You must be able to live on your own with some support services available at the building during the day.
•  You need to be referred by a community agency. The agency must be willing to help you during the application process, fill out your application, and help you with the any paperwork needed for your application.
•  You need to talk with your case manager, social worker or client advocate, to find out if you qualify for DAH housing, and if they have any vacant slots in their program to help you get housed.
•  Your case manager must agree to help you with the paperwork and interviews. This can take up to a month or longer from the time you fill out the application until the time you are accepted into our housing. During this time your social worker will have to work with us to help you get housed.

Homeless Definition

For our housing program, we use the word homeless to mean a person living on the streets or in abandoned buildings. You can also be living in an emergency or domestic violence shelter, currently in a hospital or forensic program, transitional and/or substance abuse treatment program.


We have support services on site at all our buildings. Some of these services are case management, mental health services, basic living skills, substance abuse and mental health assessment, support groups, crisis intervention, and recreational activities.


The Direct Access to Housing program is unfortunately not currently accepting applications. Please check back for updates.