DISH-Breakers raise money to “go green” in the Tenderloin!

Only In San Francisco: DISH-Breakers are running Bay to Breakers to raise money  to “go green” in the Tenderloin while ending homelessness…all the while dressed as Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and the Neverland crew! GO TEAM!

I am running Bay to Breakers this year for the first time, but it will definitely be an annual tradition! I am part of a 14 person team running to support another San Francisco original, Delivering Innovation in Supportive Housing (DISH). DISH ends homelessness by providing quality housing to homeless San Franciscans who have had a rough time succeeding anywhere else. We are running as a team for Bay to Breakers to raise money for our greening project in the Tenderloin.  We are busy breaking up the monotonous concrete jungle of the Tenderloin and Mission neighborhoods to install beautiful sidewalk gardens. Through Razoo, we have raised over $7000 to put towards our gardens! We


have been blown away by the individual support we have received to help create clean, green spaces in the city. Our team consists of DISHers and supporters dedicated to ending homelessness who will be turning up Sunday morning straight from Neverland! I am so excited to be part of the historic Bay to Breakers race and thankful for the opportunity it’s given DISH to raise money for a worthy cause! – Emily Van Loon


Published on May 16, 2013