DISH-Breakers team brings home the Green!

On May 19th the DISH-Breakers team bravely headed to the Embarcadero to embark on a 7.4 mile journey from the Bay to Pacific Coast…Peter Pan costumes adorned!

Spearheaded by Emily Van Loon, the team formed as a fundraiser to raise money for the sidewalk gardens that DISH is creating at all of it’s sites, and what a fundraiser it was! Members of the team included DISH staff and DISH fans alike, all who were dedicated to raising money to help break up the concrete jungle of the Tenderloin and Mission neighborhoods and bring green gardens home to DISH tenants. Thanks to faithful supporters, DISH successful raised $7,034!Photo May 19 7 33 00 AM.1

Race day was also a great success, with much fun had along the route to the ocean, including a fight between Captain hook and a turtle, and approval from the Bay to Breakers judges on costume excellency! The racers rewarded themselves for a job well by resting and relaxing with food and smoothies at Judalicious! To see more fun photos, visit our facebook page:

Published on June 6, 2013