Anya Worley-Ziegmann

Community Development Associate

I grew up on the edge of the Bay Area in Livermore, living on the borderline between dusty farms and opulent tech communities. I always dreamed of moving to San Francisco - the city is the outline of my personal dreams and goals (and even the background of an identity painting I made in high school!). I felt I still had to earn the privilege of serving San Franciscans, so I went to U.C. Berkeley to study economics and ended up spending most of my days in San Francisco working in advocacy, the city budget, and Shared Streets during the pandemic! After my time as the Board of Supervisors’ Budget Fellow in 2022, I realized there was nothing I wanted more than to get started on the real work so I graduated that Fall and started at DISH less than a month later! Working on the Wants and Needs fund, leading groups, and getting to know residents has been incredibly. Now I spend my days looking forward to events with residents, brainstorming gifts to help tenants thrive, and being disappointed when Friday comes because it means I have to take a break!

What is home for you?

Family makes space a home – the voices and faces of the people you care about and who care about you are the natural hum and buzz and décor of your true home.

Fun Fact:

I have five siblings and given the chance, will brag about my family at length (but especially my little best friend – my baby nephew!)

Favorite Quote:

“Everything I know – I know because of love.” Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace