John Gridley

Facility Manager
[email protected]

John began working for DISH in November of 2014, in the role as the Facility Manager. As Facility Manager, John is responsible for managing the maintenance staff and overseeing the needs of the 8 sites that DISH cares for, ensuring that they are kept up to date and that all state codes are being met. John is also on the fundraising committee, which focuses on coming up with creative ways to bring awareness to DISH in conjunction with soliciting funds which directly benefit those we help house. John views working at DISH like a watch. Within a watch, there are small gears, big gears as well as springs and screws. While some are more visible then other parts, if any one of those parts stops to function, the overall product fails. So too at DISH, there are many people who serve in various capacities, yet it’s only by each of those functions working smoothly does the entire component of DISH succeed.

Prior to working at DISH, John owned and managed a construction company in Portland OR for about 13 years. His main duties included the procurement of future work, acting as a liaison between the client and architects/designers, estimating and job costing as well as team building and leadership. While running a business that employed over 16 employees, true happiness was found in being able to give back to the community. John was not only personally involved with projects such as Get Smart and the Susan Komen foundation, but he encouraged his employees to volunteer by providing paid time off if they wanted to volunteer as well. He is a firm believer in the idea that a strong community builds a stronger society.