Marielena Contreras

Janitorial Supervisor


Marielena Contreras has always enjoyed helping others. For 13 years, Marielena worked as a personal care attendant assisting people with different disabilities to live independently. In September 2001, Marielena worked at a cleaning company doing industry cleaning . She enjoyed being able to provide a clean space for people. Even though Marielena spent 17 years in the cleaning business, she always felt like something was missing. In 2014, her oldest daughter died unexpectedly, changing her life in a split second. Throughout her healing journey, Marielena realized that she needed a job serving others, and to live with intent. After she interviewed at DISH, she felt excited and scared at the same time. Marielena became painfully aware that the only thing she knew about the homeless community in San Francisco was what she heard on the news. Marielena decided that working at DISH would to be the best way to educate herself. Although she thought that it was going to be a hard task to accomplish, she is finding out that it is rather easy to learn about the community when you work in a great environment. Marielena has found that DISH creates an amazing culture, a “family,” where all of the employees are inspiring and have welcomed her with open arms. Since working with DISH, Marielena has found her humanity and recognizes that she can finally make a difference where it matters most.