Sheena Collins

Property Supervisor
415.776.3474 x124


Born and raised in California’s Central Valley, and having experienced homelessness and substance abuse issues in her own family, Sheena was no stranger to California’s homeless crisis. Sheena began working directly with San Francisco’s homeless population in 2015 and immediately felt the impact that having a home had on the residents of the building she managed. Sheena also noted the impact that having strong, consistent property management staff had on the morale, health, and welfare of the community and what an asset they were to any support services teams on site. Sheena became interested in training and coaching and attended several training programs to assist her in her efforts and was promoted within her previous organization to continue those staff development efforts.

Sheena was drawn to DISH after attending a brief meeting with the directors, Doug Gary and Lauren Hall. She was so impressed by DISH’s commitment to training and coaching their General Managers, as well as the appreciation they had for employees and residents alike, she applied for the Property Supervisor position one year after that initial meeting. Sheena’s goal is to continue DISH’s stellar example of supporting the front line staff members that support those who are the most vulnerable in the community.