Claire Waidelich

Supportive Housing Associate + MVS Volunteer

Claire joined DISH August of 2020 as part of a program called Mennonite Voluntary Service through Mennonite Mission Network. Claire grew up in a small town in Ohio and moved to Virginia in 2015 to study at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU). She received a B.A. in Computer Science and minored in Gender Studies. She was working in EMU’s Menno Simon’s Historical library after graduating in the Fall. Her hobbies include making things (e.g.: cooking, baking, building, crafting, etc.) as well as biking, exploring new places, hanging out with friends, and just being in community with others.

What is home for you?

Home is a place where you feel completely you, despite all of your achievements and shortcomings.

Fun Fact:

I love cute things!

Favorite Quote:

“Ideas not coupled with action never become bigger than the brain cells they occupied.” – a fortune cooking that really stuck with me!