We’re making headlines!


Delivering Innovation in Supportive Housing is making headlines! Check out Hoodline/Central City Extra’s article highlighting our work to beautify the Tenderloin with a mural  on the Windsor overlooking the newly renovated Boeddeker Park. We were awarded a Community Challenge Grant for $40k that will allow us to work with the community and 1:AM artists in developing a mural that visually represents our mission here at DISH: Everyone Deserves a Home.

The work isn’t over yet though! As a grant winner we must match a percentage of the awarded funds to pay for the mural project and cover additional costs. That’s why team DISH Breakers will crawl run to the bay for the third consecutive year as a part of the Bay to Breakers Run on May 17th! All funds will go to the production of the Windsor mural. Stay tuned for more information about how to participate, donate, and spread the word.


Published on March 3, 2015