Margot Tribute Picture

In Memory of Margot Antonetty

Our hearts are very heavy as we mourn the loss of our beloved friend Margot Antonetty. If you knew her you are lucky, as she brightened up the room every time she entered with her smile, her wicked sense of humor, and her impeccable style. Margot spent decades working in the nonprofit sector and as a civil servant spurring the creation of hundreds of units of supportive housing and influencing City policy for critical issues including HIV, harm reduction and housing. While at the Department of Public Health, she was an integral part of the formation of DISH, helping us lay the groundwork for the organization we dreamed of becoming. She helped turn our shared commitment to operate housing with few barriers to enter, and many supports to ensure that people thrived, into a reality. Her focus was on welcoming home the most vulnerable people who often fell through the many cracks in the safety net of city services so they could find stability, care and dignity. She put the needs of our tenants first and had deep faith in our team. She remained a trusted partner in her most recent position as the Manager of Supportive Housing Programs at the City’s Department of Homelessness & Supportive Housing. Margot had high standards – and held us to them in our work, our outfits—especially our shoes, and especially in our skills at making fun of life and each other. Margot made us better at everything we do.

Margot was part of the start-up for every one of our sites and was deeply invested in the success of many of our leaders at DISH. Our team has shared so many memories and we thought we would share a few with you:

My fondest memories of Margot was at our monthly clinical meeting when we first opened the Star. Margot was full of life and always had words of encouragement. She was full of positive energy and it rubbed off on those around her. In her many roles at DPH and now HSH her attitude never changed. Whenever you saw or met with Margot you knew it was always going to end with a hug and a smile. She always expressed her confidence in me and urged me to keep up the good work. She will be truly missed.
— Lois Butler, Star General Manager

Upon walking into the doors of the Pacific Bay Inn in 2000, to interview for my Job as Property Manager, Margot was one of the first people that I met from DPH. I sat down and she gave me a smile and said this will be a piece of cake for you I can tell. After the interview was over I was walking out I could hear Margot tell the interview panel “well we are done, she the one.” Margot was one of the kindest soft hearted people I knew. There was never a time that I saw her that she didn’t give me that big hug and tell me how much she appreciated me. She will be a truly missed-she had become a part of my family for these long 20 years.
— Georgetta Lovett, Senior General Manager Pacific Bay Inn and Windsor

This is very heart breaking. I’ve known Margot from the time I started at the Empress when it opened. We had a fire on a Friday evening and it destroyed all the new offices on the first floor with water before anyone could even move into them. Margot, her coworker Wolfgang, Roberta the General Manager and I all figured out how to respond. None of us had a clue but it was fun to put my head together with those big important heads and learn. The funny part was Margot came into the building and came to me as I was cleaning up the water and pulling carpet and she started telling me “do this do that”– I had no idea who she was but she had a commanding personality. I called my boss Roberta I told her there is a little lady running around giving me instructions– she said what’s her name– I said Margot and she said well do as she says! This is surely a major loss for our community, staff, tenants and the whole vision we share at DISH.
— Craig Myers, Unit Turn Supervisor

My first time meeting Margot in person was dealing with a tenant at the Windsor who was having issue with income and paying rent. Margot entered the room and her presence was immediately felt. She and her colleague Wolfgang asked me questions on what we had done with the tenant so far and I think she could tell that this young GM was terrified. Afterwards she patted me on the back and told me that it sounds like I’m doing everything necessary and that I got this. Over the years at any DISH event I spoke at, Margot could be seen giving me a thumbs up. She would hug me and tell me that she loved watching me grow over time. She was a woman I admired, respected and I will miss her badass shoe collection and her German swag.
— Denise Riggins, Senior General Manager Auburn and Minna Lee

It is hard to imagine a DISH BASH without Margot’s laugh, or a celebration of a new building without her sparkling smile, or a tough meeting without her perfectly timed quip to lighten the mood—a world without Margot will take us a long time to get used to.

In honor of her memory we will work harder, laugh more, wear nicer shoes and toast her often with her beverage of choice, an ice cold Diet Coke.

Thanks for the many, many lessons Margot,

Your devoted DISHlings

We were humbled to learn that contributions in Margot’s memory could be directed to DISH and our friends at Rocket Dog Rescue. We are directing those funds to increase our Naloxone distribution on-site, and pilot an intervention, Brave Buttons, in partnership with the Brave Technology Cooperative and the DOPE project team.

Margot’s obituary in The Bay Area Reporter