Born in the Philippines
San Francisco resident since 2007

My name is Danilo and I live in DISH supportive housing. Before DISH, I was homeless. I’ve been here roughly seven or eight years. Living in this place here is… very extraordinary. We are just one big family here. We are all mentally or physically disabled in this building. Half the time I need help, half the time they need help. It’s not easy when you are out there. But when you are in here, you are one big family. I had a very hard time when I first started moving here. I didn’t know what to do. I went from the bottom up. My first work in the restaurant was cleaning the kitchen. Can you imagine how many pots and pans that you had to take care of during the night? I used to work for Houlihan’s down near Fisherman’s Wharf. I was the Senior Assistant for the Head Chef. My health issue was really bad. I never knew I had cancer. I went through how to improvise what I had lost. I said “well hey, I am not going to put myself down and out because I am better than that. Let me go see some professional help here.” But it took me a little while. I went to all the shelters, and I went to all the accommodations that they have for me. Sometimes, it’s hard but you got to go through with life. I like people. They deserve to have the best of life no matter who they are or what they are or where they came from. No matter what. I am speaking as humanity here because hey, people is people. We need to help each other.