Born in San Francisco

I was born at General Hospital, and I stayed on Cole Street by Haight-Ashbury. I ran away from home when I was a kid, maybe three times. Wow. You could say I didn’t have the heart for it. I’ll admit, I was scared. Where was I going to stay? I went to a park, and I slept out there. Then, I came back here. San Francisco was just calling me. I did four years in prison for bank robbery. I stayed out of prison, man, I think less than 90 days, and then they sent me to the federal prison for 7 years. Then after I got out of there, I did 15 more years. And even before all that, I’d been in foster homes. Wow. I’ve been inside institutions more than I’ve been on the street. In prison they called me a jay cat. A jay cat is a person that’s supposed to got something wrong with them – mental issues. The reason they were saying that about me was because they couldn’t really identify with me. They liked to watch sports. All I did was just read books. It’s just something in my mechanism. My thing is more inner. It may sound strange, but I read a book a day for 15 years. I mean every day, unless they put me in lock down or somewhere where there wasn’t no books. I read books on metaphysics, philosophy, reincarnation. I read Shakespeare. History. Freud. A book every day.

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