Staff Spotlight – Annette and Luz


LuzAnnette Hurtz


Luzadel Timonera

I want to spotlight both Annette and Luz, Desk Clerks at the Windsor and Empress, for exhibiting DISH Service Commitments #1 and #3: “warm greetings and interactions every chance we get” and “service through helping.” On Tuesday, February 17th, Facilities Assistant Lou and I went to the Windsor and Empress to get a “front line” perspective on how work orders are generated, from tenant to desk clerk to AGM to the tracker, etc. I did not call ahead to say we would stop by. Without hesitation, both Annette and Luz were kind, courteous and flexible with us. They immediately walked us through the entire process, detailing every action they take and the method followed not just at their hotel but at every site. They showed perfect customer service and we’re not even customers! It was a great reminder of the hard workers we have behind the front desks and the great training they receive.

—Ariel Fortune, Community Project Manager


Published on July 15, 2015