Staff Spotlight – Audra


AudraOn behalf of everyone at DISH, we’d like to spotlight the amazing Audra! As hopefully everyone knows, Audra is the full-time Supportive Housing Associate at the Dish Central Office (DCO). What you may not know is that Audra came to DISH in September of 2014 as part of the international Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) program. In doing so, Audra committed to a full year of service to DISH as a high-powered intern in exchange for MVS housing, some cool roommates, and a small stipend. Audra has enriched DISH in countless ways, including her amazing photography skills (including our staff and tenant portraits), crafty graphic design skills, deep commitment to tenant art classes and other activities, thoroughness with processing building expenses and rental income, and a general “can do” approach to so many key aspects of our work. Audra also puts up with everyone at DCO, which is no easy task (except for with the two of us, which is a piece of cake, of course.) AND AUDRA JUST SIGNED UP FOR YEAR TWO! Yup, she’s doing another year of MVS and she picked DISH as her organization. Audra, thank you so much for doing such mission-critical work and your willingness to go deeper with another year. We are honored and delighted by your choice and your presence.
—Doug Gary (Director) and Taylor Drake (Operations Manager)

Published on July 29, 2015