Staff Spotlight – Craig, Molly & John

I’d like to spotlight Craig, Turn Team Supervisor, Molly, Janitorial Supervisor, and John, Maintenance Supervisor, who all helped lead Twitter volunteers for #FridayForGood on Friday, October 16th. As with most interactions, the first impression is a lasting impression and this holds especially true with volunteers who we have never met before. It’s critical that we greet individuals who are giving of their time to help us further our mission and goals and to do so warmly help set the day up for success. Craig, Molly and John took time on top of their daily work to lead these volunteers through revitalizing several gardens and painting stairwells and were their warm, friendly, engaging selves. It is invigorating to work alongside them and see their supportive interactions. Thank you, Mighty Musketeers!

—Ariel, Community Project Manager




Published on December 16, 2015