Staff Spotlight – PJ

PJPJ is amazing at connecting with people, certainly including our tenants. Recently we had to temporarily relocate a tenant in order to do significant maintenance work in her unit. She’s a very tough customer, has filed a number of grievances about our work and is seldom satisfied with our best efforts at responding. We knew moving her wasn’t going to be easy, but she did agree. On move day, PJ set out a plan to get things relocated to a unit on a different floor. The tenant was cooperating and then… BAM… she decided she was no longer willing to relocate. PJ was gentle and helped her understand the approach. She still wasn’t pleased and even went for same-day legal support. The lawyer walked her back to the Windsor and helped her realize that what we needed from her was perfectly legal. She returned to the unit. PJ was again ready to help and the tenant was clearly in better shape because of PJ’s masterful “service through helping” and “calm in the eye of the storm.” PJ is well known for his “warm greetings every chance you get,” too, and this important day was no exception. PJ: Thank you for putting the DISH Service Commitments to the test every day – and showing our tenants the kind of professional support that makes all the difference.
—Doug, Director

Published on August 12, 2015