Tenant Satisfaction Survey Results

Late in December, a laborious process began unfolding. First, the tenant surveys were created, and modified from last year’s version. There were a number of questions added on the back of the questionnaire, in order to give DISH better feedback on what we are doing well and what resident concerns are. There was also a section added about community events, and what our tenants were looking for. After this survey was finalized, it was translated into Spanish and copies of the survey in both Spanish and English were printed off and given to the sites.

At the sites the General Managers then used whatever enticements they could to get the residents to fill out the surveys. At the Empress they gave candy to residents who filled one out; at the PBI they would stop the residents as they came in and out to ask them to fill out the survey. Finally, after three weeks to acquire results, the surveys were returned to DISH Central, where the results were tabulated.

And now, at last, the tenant survey results are in! It was exciting seeing the surveys as they came in, and tabulating the results to tell us how we’ve been doing over the last year. Overall, the response was overwhelmingly positive. 93% of all answers indicated general satisfaction with DISH and the services that we offer. This obliterated the contract objective that DISH is required to attain, which requires a satisfaction rate of only 85%. DISH has remained remarkably consistent over its entire history—in the first tenant surveys, we scored a 93% satisfaction rate, followed by a 92% in 2007-2008, 93% in 2008-09 and 2009-10, and 92% last year.

Congrats to DISH employees for earning another high score on the tenant survey!

On a site-by-site basis, the PBI and the Star both achieved an outstanding 95% satisfaction rate. The PBI and the Star were also tops in survey completion rate, as 98% of PBI tenants and 96% of Star tenants filled out the survey. Georgetta Lovett, General Manager of the PBI credits having the front desk staff at the PBI walk through the survey questions with tenants. Lois Butler at the Star takes a slightly different approach: the front desk staff work with the tenants to get them to take the surveys, but if they have any difficulty with tenants refusing to fill out surveys, she follows up with the tenant and talks to them in an effort to get their feedback and get them to take their survey.

The reasons for the outstanding success rate remain a little murkier. Perhaps it’s because of the excellent work that DISH desk clerks do. Perhaps it’s the great job the janitorial staff does in the upkeep of the building. Maybe it’s all the hard work that the maintenance staff puts in to turn over rooms and make them as good as new. It could also be because of our excellent management staff of General Managers and Assistant General Managers. One theory speculates that it’s because the DISH staff buy in to DISH’s goals, and love doing what they do. The real reason is probably a little bit of all of these: each of our 70 staff working together to create something special.

It’s wonderful to have our tenants recognize the amazing job that our staff is doing. Thank you, DISH Staff, for a stellar 93% satisfaction rate! Each of you is a special reason that our tenants are so satisfied; and, together, you form one amazing organization which truly serves our mission, …to help end homelessness in San Francisco—with excellence.


Tally Statistics
Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree # of tenants # of        complete surveys % of   return

% of overall satisfaction



46% 5% 2% 44 23 52% 93%


51% 8% 2% 75 62 83%


Le Nain


51% 4% 2% 76 67 88%




48% 3% 2% 66 65 98%




36% 4% 1% 49 47 96%




50% 9% 4% 56 44 79%


DISH AS A WHOLE 44% 49% 5% 2% 366 308 84%


Published on February 19, 2012