Yoga at DISH

DISH recently launched their first time ever 8-week Yoga workshop. The classes are every Tuesday for an hour and take place at two DISH sites over the course of the eight weeks, but they are open to all DISH residents The Yoga workshops are part of DISH’s latest Yoga, Education, and Arts (YEA!) initiative, to bring more healthy, education and fun opportunities to our tenants through our community builder program.

Yoga quoteThe Yoga classes have been a wild success so far. With tenants attending from multiple sites, and a consistent base of participants, the tenants have been pleased with the results! “It’s great. I think it’s one of the best things in this building since I’ve been here,” said Matt, a long term tenant with DISH. “What’s amazing is the instructor; she’s done a great job of making everyone feel comfortable.” Matt isn’t the only one impressed with the instructor, provided by our partner in this effort, Niroga Institute. “She’s so perfect; she knows what she’s doing, she knows when to move on to the next pose, and she’s encouraging,” Angela, another DISH tenant mentioned as she reflected upon her experience. “I like it. I’m getting to meet other people; I like my teacher!” Not only are participants having fun, but they feel like it’s making a difference. Angela mentioned, “It seems like I’ve been feeling better,” and Matt expressed appreciation for the chance to improve his health as he gets older. The consensus is that tenants would love to keep these classes and more going.

Yoga can be just the beginning. DISH wants to provide even more opportunities like this one for our tenants. Interested in contributing to the cause? Donate to our DISH-Breakers team, which is running the annual Bay to Breakers run this Sunday, May 18th, as a fundraiser for YEA! All proceeds will contribute to providing Yoga, Education, and Arts for our tenants.

Published on May 15, 2014