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For Information on Getting Housed

DISH provides custom property management services exclusively to the San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing‘s Direct Access to Housing (DAH) program.

DAH is a permanent supportive housing program targeting low-income San Francisco residents who have experienced homelessness and have special needs. It is a “low threshold” program that accepts adults into permanent housing directly from the streets, shelters, hospitals and long-term care facilities. DAH strives to help tenants stabilize and improve their health outcomes despite co-occurring mental health issues, alcohol and substance abuse problems, and/or complex medical conditions. In addition to being an effective way to end homelessness, this supportive housing model is also fiscally prudent as it leads to cost savings by reducing over-utilization of emergency services.

FAQs on Direct Access to Housing

For External Training and Consulting

Why reinvent the wheel?

Supportive Housing is an effective strategy for ending homelessness. When we started out as an organization, we were fortunate to not only have our own experience to guide us, but also the support of other experienced providers doing this challenging work. We are firm believers in sharing the approach and tools that we use to help others be more effective. If you are just starting out, or have been doing this a while and just need some extra help, we’d love to be of service!

If you are a supportive housing provider and would like more information about our external training and technical assistance services, please contact us at