We believe that everyone deserves a home.

Every day, we provide high-quality, permanent housing to San Franciscans who suffer from serious health issues.

With our help, they can get off the streets, rebuild their lives, and strengthen our communities.

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Check out our Residents’ Art

In the spring of 2022, during Community Development classes, residents created a DISH-wide art magazine. Flip through the digital version to discover the amazing art from DISH residents.

The Opening of 1321 Mission!

Our newest site, consisting of 120 studios and 40 suites, offers a safe, joyful and welcoming home for both adults and families.

Annual Report 2021

Thanks to your support we were able to focus on breaking down barriers to access support for housing stability and wellness for our DISH residents.

Volunteer with Us!

Impact our communities directly by volunteering. We’d love to connect with you about your ideas, our needs and how we can build a stronger community.

I tell people everyday is a happy day for me. No matter how sad I am or what I think I can’t get through, I know I will overcome it. Even though I go into depressions, I know I can overcome it. But I’m just happy everyday. I’m grateful everyday that I am still here, that I can still think, that I can still get up, that I can still walk.