Our Employer and Fiscal Sponsor: Tides

DISH is proud to be a project of Tides, a California nonprofit organization. All DISH employees are employees of Tides.

Tides provides DISH with tremendous support and many vital services. Tides supports social innovation and accelerates social change by partnering with individuals, groups, and funders to implement programs that advance the common good. The nation’s largest fiscal sponsor, Tides assumes financial and legal responsibility for projects that promote its mission of creating and sustaining a healthy, just, and vibrant world. Tides Center provides a legal home as well as administrative, human resources, and financial infrastructure services to social change organizations nationwide.

San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing –  Support Services Staff

HSH staff provides on-site case management services for all interested tenants, including assessment, referral, advocacy, mental health services, and counseling at all DISH sites. Participation in support services is voluntary; tenancy is not dependent on accessing services or completing a service plan.

Lutheran Social Services (LSS)

Because of historic high eviction rates in supportive housing due to non-payment of rent, The Department of Public Health requires that all tenants pay rent through a third party as a condition of their subsidized rent. Third Party Rent Payment is the process by which an outside agency, the third party, pays a tenant’s rent using a portion of the tenant’s income. Most DISH tenants work with Lutheran Social Services, but some tenants choose other organizations to provide this service.

Our Community Partners