Affirming Racial Equity at DISH

At DISH, we believe that everyone deserves a home.

We believe that homelessness is created by the institutional racism present in our systems of care, housing, education, criminal justice, employment, banking, and immigration.

We believe that our role as a supportive housing provider is not just to welcome people home but also to strive for equity and inclusion.

We believe it is our responsibility to confront and dismantle the impact of racism in our role as a landlord and as an organization founded by white people, operated primarily by people of color.

We believe that by eliminating barriers to our housing, treating people with dignity, and being true to harm reduction principles we can provide a space for healing from the trauma of racism & white supremacy.

We believe that by demanding fair & equitable wages for workers, providing solid benefits, systematizing self-care, and creating opportunity for staff engagement & advancement we can enhance the strength of our amazing team.

We believe as an organization that prioritizes people over property and empathy over indifference, we can make progress against the disgrace of homelessness and poverty.

We believe we have much more to do, and we believe now is the time to do it.

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