Residents’ Art Magazine

In the spring of 2022, during Community Development classes, residents created a DISH-wide art magazine.

The artworks were created in a variety of mediums (drawing, collage, poetry, etc.) based on the themes of Black History, Love, The Year of the Tiger, and anything else that inspired them. Their work was compiled into a printed publication that we shared across all our sites.

Names of the residents featured in the magazine include Robert, Jerry, Bernard, Roger, Damien, Dwight, Kimberly, Kim G., Angelina, Dimitri, Susan, Bobby, Martin, Rich, Barbara, Johnny, Danilo, Charles, Joy, Sundiata, Kevin, Elizabeth, Darrick, Ropina, Janet B., John, Andre, Ivan, Steven H., EC “Easy”.

Check it out yourself and flip through the digital version of the magazine!

Thank you to our partner Menorah Park for making this project possible.