Doug’s Farewell Mic Drop!

After starting DISH with Co-Director Lauren Hall, Doug Gary will be stepping away this April after 15 fun, feisty and fabulous years of leadership. Doug is a ride or die DISHer for life so it isn’t really good-bye– but we are fighting back our tears as we look back on all we have accomplished together. Please join us to celebrate Doug’s dedication to welcoming San Franciscans home and his commitment to being a relentless voice for equitable resources for our community (…and being accountable, on time, meeting deadlines and responding to emails in a very timely fashion).

Message from Doug

Working at DISH as co-director has been profoundly rewarding and impactful. While this has been a difficult decision, it is made easier knowing that I am leaving an incredible team in a particularly strong situation. DISH is delivering excellence at every turn despite the pandemic, and we continue to enjoy positive and engaged feedback from tenants and community stakeholders. Our shared commitment to ending homelessness for everyone, racial equity, economic justice, maintaining a fantastic team, and so much more is as clear and on point as ever, too. DISH is also led by one of the most talented, committed, inspiring, and creative leaders I have ever worked with: Lauren Hall! Between Lauren and all the other leaders at DISH, I have no doubt about its bright future and can’t wait to support it in new and different ways!

If you would like to honor this superhero and support DISH’s work to bring more resources to our community, consider supporting the DG Mic Drop Fund! Doug never shies away from an opportunity to speak his mind promoting equity for this community, and his voice at the table will be missed (perhaps not by everyone!). All contributions will go to expanding on site programs for residents and investments in promotional opportunities and support for our team.

Here’s to all the good days you and I have had. From walking the pavement in LA doing consultant work, to letting me dress you up in toilet paper… we had a great run. I will never forget the day you walked into my office saying you were observing how the management side of things worked; I asked, “what are you trying to do, start up your own company?” That smile of yours told it all. I will never forget you and will always consider you as family. It’s been you, me and Lauren from the start, and now you’re leaving. Please believe me, Lauren and I will be fine, and I will call and bug the heck out of you every chance I get. Good luck on your new journey. Love you Doug.

Georgetta Lovett, DISH Senior General Manager

Oh Doug, or should I say Gary, I feel like I hit the jackpot when you joined me on this journey to start DISH 15 years ago. I could not be more grateful to you for being my beloved work husband, my rumored baby daddy, my dear friend, my co-conspirator, my teacher, my loyal “assistant Douglas”, my colleague who pushes me to be better at everything I do and the person I laugh hardest with through everything. DISH is a thriving, joyful place because of how deeply you have poured your heart into this work. There has never been a meeting where at some point you didn’t make us laugh out loud, often at your own expense. You have been DISH’s fiercest advocate and your work has directly benefited so many. I will miss hearing you say “Are you okay if I take off my leash?” before you deliver your kind but sharply focused testimony against inequitable practices and policies. Thanks for making the tough times so much more fun, and for always showing up for everyone at DISH. I am so deeply happy that you are doing what’s right for you and your beautiful family and can’t wait to see where this leads you. I promise not to cry too hard about losing our every day joy of working together and focus on the part where you aren’t actually leaving us–you’ll always be an original DISHer.

Lauren Hall, Founding Co-Director (and jilted work wife)

We will miss you. You have been one of the best in the field; a role model for all of us. You’ve built an organization that has housed and supported thousands of people who might otherwise have died on the streets.

You’re leaving behind a strong team that will be able to carry on without you, albeit with lingering sadness. 

This has all been possible because of your brilliance, compassion, commitment, and tenacity. And perhaps most importantly, there’s that wonderfully droll sense of humor of yours; polking as much fun at yourself as you do at the rest of us. It keeps us humble, alert, and in stitches.

You are, I know, doing the right thing. Your dedication to your son and partner has always been at the forefront of your life, which is as it should be. I do believe, though, that you’re not done yet. At the right time, sooner or later, something will catch your eye and your heart and you’ll be out there once again, making the world a better place.

Kathie Lowry

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