Denise Riggins

Property Supervisor

Denise, DISH's Property Supervisor, has been with DISH since 2010. Philadelphia raised, she has firsthand experience with being homeless in her teens. “It was one of the scariest and shameful times of my life and I’ve never felt so invisible,” says Denise. Denise moved to California with her children and began her administrative career in Engineering, moving up in the ranks as she gained experience. She was always good at project management, but she felt something was missing; soon enters DISH and Denise was never the same. The DISH Values and Service Commitments are what drives Denise’s commitment to ending homelessness. Denise shares, “I get the gift of working alongside some of the most driven and dedicated people around. I know that DISH is changing the lives of some of the most marginalized people in San Francisco. DISH is where the magic happens.”

What is home for you?

Home is a sacred place of safety, warmth, and healing. It’s a small space in such a big world that can be created however you like. Every human being deserves a space to be at peace and feel safe. Home is where you can heal from the troubles of the world.

Fun Fact:

I am known to randomly break out in song depending on what we are talking about at any given moment. It confuses people and I like that.

Favorite Quote:

“With love and understanding all things are possible.”