John Gridley

Senior Facilities Manager

John is a Bay Area native, who grew up in San Jose. After living in NYC (6 years) and Portland OR (13 years) he made his way back to the Bay Area in 2014 and found his place within DISH as their Facility Manager.

Prior to working at DISH, John owned and managed a construction/consultation company in Portland OR. His role consisted of the procurement of projects, liaison between clients and architects/designers, estimating and job costing as well as team building and leadership. While running a business that employed over 16 employees, true happiness was found in being able to give back to the community. He offered paid time off for his staff to volunteer with projects they found passion for. He is a firm believer in the idea that a strong community builds a stronger society.

What is home for you?

Houses can be constructed of various materials taking on different shapes and sizes, yet not be a home. A home however is the feeling you notice when you close that door behind you feeling warm, safe and grounded. A home is a basic human need and right for all mankind.

Fun Fact:

My wife and I decided to forgo the traditional wedding idea and replaced it with getting married in eight different countries within five weeks surrounded by our loved ones.

Favorite Quote:

“Politics can be strengthened by music, but music has a potency that defies politics.” - Nelson Mandela