Marcela Ochoa

Marcela Ochoa is a working professional with a background in strategy, business operations, and project/program management. She has experience in the blockchain, fintech, nonprofit, and consulting industries. Marcela grew up in Mexico and arrived in the Bay Area in 2013 to pursue an MBA at Stanford. In 2023, she moved to Portland, OR to support her partner’s goal of becoming a Public Defender. They expect to move back to the Bay Area in a few years. Marcela has known DISH since 2018, when she worked on Stanford Alumni Consulting Team project to help DISH explore opportunities to scale their training and consulting practice. When asked what attracted her to DISH Marcela says: “I was initially drawn to DISH by the opportunity to do something about a big problem in our city that I felt mostly powerless over. What’s kept me engaged is discovering how Doug and Lauren built an organization, which Lauren continues to lead, that centers everything they do around human dignity for their tenants, as well as the DISH employees. I have a lot of admiration towards DISH as an organization, and everyone involved in delivering the mission. We need more of this in the world.” In her free time, Marcela likes to spend time with her partner, family and friends, go on walks around the city or in nature, and read about personal finance and spirituality.