Georgetta Lovett

Property Supervisor

At what moment did you know DISH was for you?

In 2006, when Lauren and Doug came over to interview us, to let us know that DISH had actually taken over the buildings, just from the kindness and generosity of the transitioning with Lauren and Doug, I knew that the company would be good for me. They were very understanding. They were willing to hear us out with our frustration with being in the middle of not knowing there was going to be a big merge and companies were going to disperse and they were going to take over our buildings. They heard us out completely and didn’t just say, “Ok, well, you have to interview for your job again.” They made things as smooth as possible.

Why did you stay over the years?

I stayed because I feel like I have a passion for the job. I really like helping people. I felt like, with all the jobs I’ve had, I have a knack for this. With people coming from homelessness into housing and me getting them prepared to stay indoors, I feel like I have a passion for it. I feel like helping people and seeing them change their lives is something really good for me to see. And I really enjoy doing it.

Is there anything you'd like to share about your experience at DISH?

I think working for DISH has been one of my blessings. DISH is very compassionate. I see the loyalty that they have to the tenants and I appreciate what they bring. And all of the different stuff that they have to offer the tenants. You know, what place would you go that has a tenant appreciation? What place would you work that has Christmas gifts for all of the tenants that live within the building? I feel like DISH gives back and the tenants give to us. I think it’s a really good thing.