Maryann Presas

Assistant General Manager

What is your first memory of DISH?

One fond memory is when I moved in a new tenant and I noticed the joy and happiness in his face. He stated that his new home was his birthday present. Tears came out from his eyes and he said, “Now I have a place to call home.”

Why did you stay over the years?

I have stayed at DISH for over 15 years because I am passionate about helping and serving people in need. We represent hope, offer a place to live for those in need and work to end homelessness. DISH allows me to be myself doing my job.
DISH is my second family. I am honored to be a part of DISH and its mission to end homelessness. It’s priceless to see the smiling face of someone when they are housed. I am happy to work with my team and I feel that the support is always there; leadership is excellent and always listens to you.

What is the most gratifying part of your job?

It is a priceless feeling working for DISH. I feel that my work is very important to our tenants and the community because we are like a lifeline and bring hope to many people that need housing and support.