Rey Regala

Senior General Manager

At what moment did you know DISH was for you?

That moment is a little bit longer than a single moment, but to make it short, it happened when I was working for another company at Le Nain and DISH came and took over. I saw that this organization was acknowledging the performance of the employees and also providing us training. I could also see how all the leadership works, and see them go into the building and talk to everybody.

What do you like about working at DISH?

I was surprised when DISH started renovating the building, making a lot of improvements, providing us support and giving us guidance on how we can do our job. DISH also gives us incentives and motivations to perform our services. We learned about customer service when DISH took over. We learned the importance of teamwork. When there’s no teamwork, somebody’s doing something, I’m doing something else, everything is in disarray and chaotic. DISH gave us uniformity and they gave us direction and the workplace environment changed a lot.

Is there anything you'd like to share about your experience at DISH?

I am a good example of a very loyal employee as a Desk Clerk who grows up. I was a Desk Clerk, I became an Assistant General Manager, a General Manager, and now I’ve become a Senior General Manager. The growth is never-ending! The opportunity is there. It gives you energy. It gives you the motivation to continue. You feel as though you are part of it. Everybody is like family. It’s hard to experience that with other organizations. Other organizations don’t even notice how you are doing. In some organizations, there are only groups that seem to know each other and the others are out of it. DISH is more inclusive. Everybody is given a chance to grow and be supported. The work culture is very, very good because you don’t hesitate to ask for help and you don’t get embarrassed when you need help. You learn something; if you don’t know something, you are not sorry about it because you know that no one will embarrass you about it if you don’t know something. In spite of that, they will support you and they will teach you.